Conversation: Obscure Hobbies

I knew this would happen one day, I’d have to explain what it is I do during my free time when I’m not learning languages. It’s hard enough in English let alone Chinese, but I should have known to be prepared. Alas, it was a catastrophe, and only Wikipedia was able to save the day. First of all, I’ll tell you what hobby I’m talking about:


轮滑: roller skating
lún huá

阻拦: obstruct
zǔ lán

: competition

Did you guess what it is? Well, let’s first check out the description:


What a mouthful:

two teams individually send 5(mw) team members enter the court
Each team sends out five of its members to the court.

in it 3(mw) intercept team member, 1(mw) coordinator team member, 1(mw) score forward.
there are 3 blockers, 1 pivot (who coordinates the action), and a jammer who scores.

first (mw) whistle sound [sounds], blockers and pivot rapid slip out.
at the sound of the first whistle the blockers and pivot advance.

second whistle sound again sound, be located troops last side ‘s jammer do all one can slide, as long as surpass the other side pivot can then become lead jammer
Then, when the second whistle sounds, the jammer that first breaks through the other team’s block and passes the pivot becomes lead jammer.

surpass other team members the more, score the more high
The more of the other team’s members the jammer passes the higher the score.

every two minutes for one time block up, every time block up after calculate jammer score
There is a jam every two minutes and at the end of each jam the score is calculated for each jammer.


Yep, you guessed it, Roller Derby.

That’s me up there with the white helmet trying to get through. It was my first and only game with this team that was trying to get off its feet.

Do you guys have obscure hobbies that have put you at a loss for words when trying to explain in another language? I’d like to hear your stories 🙂

P.S. Some news: I finally took the DELF B2 Exam two weeks ago, and finished all the classes required in my degree. I’m so happy to have some time back. Now on to HSK 4 in March!


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