Lesson 2: Music (Vocabulary)

It’s been a while and in that while I finished the semester and went to the States to visit family and friends and broke my little finger. I’m usually a really active person, but now that I’m semi bed-ridden I’m taking advantage to keep going with the blog and lessons. For this lesson the theme is music, so go on to listen to some podcasts:

  • On Pop-up Chinese there is a podcast on a bit of music theory, but it’s free and a nice lesson
  • I listened to the Intermediate Lesson “Finding Live Music” which has a nice dialogue and interesting vocabulary.

The vocabulary I picked is small, but it’s a start:

现场 [xiàn chǎng]: scene or site, but when referring to music it means “live”

演出 [yǎn chū]: perform or performance, kind of like a “concert”

You can put the two together for “live performance” or “live music” 现场演出

乐队 [yuè duì]: band

本地 [běn dì]: locality or “local”

Put the two together and you get “local band(s)”  本地乐队

五音不全 [wǔ yīn bù quán]: tone deaf

跑调 [pǎo diào]: out of tune

And of course you can’t talk about music without knowing the different genres:

音乐风格 [yīn yuè fēng gé]: music genre, where 风格 is also style.

  • 古典乐 [gǔ diǎn yuè]:classical music
  • 摇滚 [yáogǔn]: rock and roll
  • 流行音乐 [liúxíngyīnyuè]: Pop, where 流行 means “to be fashionable”
  • 电(子)(音)乐 [diàn (zǐ) (yīn) yuè]: electronic music*
  • 说唱 [shuōchàng]: rap

That’s enough for now. Now, go out there and start using your new music vocabulary!

*My favorite, the characters in parentheses can be omitted.


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