Lesson 2 Intro: Music

The other day in Chinese class my 老师 (lǎo shī-teacher) asked me if I knew any songs in Chinese. I immediately remembered that one 月亮代表我的心 (the moon represents my heart), a song we learned in first-semester. Actually, that isn’t the only song I know, I actually know a lot of 周杰伦‘s (Jay Chou) songs, but I don’t think it’s really something to be proud of. I had been wondering what to do my second lesson on, and not really wanting to mimmic Chinese textbooks out there with the silly lessons on introducing people and asking where they are from, I decided to do a lesson on music.

I was looking around for Chinese music that didn’t suck too much. It’s all good and fun to learn a couple of C-Pop songs, but what about when you want to listen to something different something you might actually like. I listen to mostly techno or post-rock, and well, that doesn’t really improve your Chinese. So, I looked up some synth-pop, which I’m also really fond of and found these guys. Indie bands really all sound the same to me, but if you want to practice your Chinese why not with a somewhat ok band. Plus, they are really catchy. So go ahead and listen to some music while I get these lessons set up.


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