HSK 1: 24-31

Here comes the next batch of HSK. Remember that these character sheets are simply to learn how to write the characters beautifully, not to learn the characters. That’s why I provide a mnemonics sheet, which you should look at first. Go on and practice them with Anki or Skritter, then go back and learn the right proportions with the character sheets, you only need to do as many as it takes you to write a couple of really nice ones.

Some good news: I’m almost through the HSK 1 list (150) characters on Skritter.

hsk 24-31 hsk 24-31


2 responses to “HSK 1: 24-31

  1. I really like the artwork on your blog, especially the featured picture for each blog post. Did you make those mnemonic practice sheets yourself. You should make a template as a pdf so people can download it.

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