Lesson 1 Dialogue, Exercise 2 and Characters 2

How did it go with the other exercise? Hopefully, it was a bit interesting. I have a new idea for an exercise today. We already have some vocabulary, now we need to put it to use. Since our vocabulary has to do with food I was thinking of a restaurant dialogue (how original right?). Here is how I figure we make up a dialogue. First, it would be nice to know how to say to someone something like “let’s go eat”. At the restaurant you want to be able to ask for a menu and order. More specifically, you might want to be able to ask what’s in a dish. For this it might also be useful to call the waiter. At the end you also want to ask for the bill.

We go eat good ma
You want to get a bite to eat.


At the restaurant:

Excuse me, have menu ma
Excuse me, do you have a menu?

I want eat
I would like…

This is what food
What kind of food/dish is this?

You could also ask more specifically by substituting 肉 or 蔬菜.

This have what
What’s in this dish?

Waiter/waitress, bill.
Waiter, can you bring the bill?

That’s it. Now you can go ahead and make your own dialogue. Here’s mine*:


Click to enlarge.

*Notice that there are measure words for dishes, depending on what they are (bowl, pan, etc.). Measure words deserve their own post so don’t worry about them too much for now.

Yay! First dialogue. I hope you liked the cartoon.

Also, here are the next set of characters from the vocabulary.


Let me know what you think. Send me your own dialogues. Do you like the character sheets?


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