Lesson 1 Food Exercise 1 and Character Sheet 1

How did it go with the podcasts and vocabulary? I hope you enjoyed the podcast you listened to and looked up any words you didn’t already know. I listened to “The Sauce” and I think I had to listen more than 3 times to fully understand it. I also learned you can use "可"(kě) for emphasis. It’s used before an adjective or verb. Here are some examples I made up:

[Now] that I can’t finish.

I would only say this about a whole chicken or a whole cake, I’ve been known to eat quite a lot.

This is really tasty [contrary to what it may seem].

There are a lot of things here that would lead me to say this, such as grilled pork tripe, yummy.

You might be thinking, how am I supposed to remember all that vocabulary? Well, fear not. 努力学习, 别急,慢慢来。Study hard, don’t worry, with time you’ll remember. I’ve found that the best way is to take it slowly, but be consistent. So, I thought we could start with some fun vocabulary.


Go ahead and practice that. Then, later in the day do this simple exercise without looking at the characters. (Fill in the blank)


(If you are wondering about the images I drew them myself on my iPad.)

That’s all for now. More exercises and character sheets coming.

Did you like the lesson? What did you you learn from the podcast you listened to? I’m curious to hear what you have to say, and any criticism is welcome.


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