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Hi I’m Manu (高敏 gāo mǐn). Welcome to my Mandarin site.


Not much happened this year on this blog. I did take the HSK 4 and passed. Now I’m going for posts for Intermediate learners. The idea is to go back to posting frequently, hopefully once a week.


This year has been spent focusing on improving my French. Thus, this blog has become mostly a personal and sporadic posts on my own adventures through Mandarin. I hope to be taking the HSK 4 or 5 depending on how much I can study until November of 2015, so this is mostly to record my studies. If you find it useful that’s cool, too.


Before beginning please read the about page. The plan is to have at least weekly posts. I will be doing: vocabulary, dialogue reviews, character practice, listenting, etc. as well as some fun stuff: songs, poems, sayings, whatever I can think of. To follow along first check the Resources and Tools page.

This blog is really just to keep myself organized and disciplined, but maybe it can be of use to you. I was just really sick of seeing that every good site nowadays for Chinese learning can only be accessed with a paid subscription, but you don’t really need money to learn Chinese, though I guess if you have the extra money or want to, why not, they are good sites. I am always open to suggestions and remember, I’m not an expert, so feel free to correct me.

Anyways enjoy and 再见.


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